A versatile bunch of designers, driven by their love for branding


Brand Strategy
story telling

Strong brands need strong stories. Simple, yet distinctive stories that move. We know how to tell them and we work with you towards knowing who to tell them to.

Cross Media Strategy
marketing & communication

The recipe for success of any strong brand is a clear cross-media strategy. Telling the story and addressing your customers through relevant communication channels, balancing what needs to be communicated when and how.

Digital Strategy
the world wide web

Your customer spends on average 4h on his/her phone. We build on that, this digital age needs a strategy on its own. Be it social media or your online presence. We consult you how to be top ranked.


Brand Guidelines
your DNA made visible

A brand can only be memorable, when it is consistently and accurately displayed on any medium you chose. And to ensure the strength of it, we create brand guidelines that define your DNA and serve as a manual for all outlets using your brand.

Cross Media Design
anything and everything

Editorial designs, web designs, digital designs, infographic designs and motion. These are all tools among others, we use to visually attract your audience. A well-thought mix of everything. Our utmost goal however, is to make your visual identification coherent on any of those tools.

Packaging Design
store shelves

Every product fights for the special attention of the customer. It is no longer enough for a product to be really good; it must also, and above all, look good, attract attention, address your target audience and thus increase the willingness to buy. 


We listen, we filter ideas, we hold on to your values and the message you want to get across, and ultimately translate your story into a distinctive visual language that not only stands out, but inspires a holistic customer experience in the digital age.

Our goal is to develop brands that continue to grow, that are not only relevant today but relevant in the future. 

We like to keep things simple, we go out of our ways to make your brand stand out, focusing on getting the best results possible.


  • GIZ – Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
  • UN Women
  • Sawiris Foundation
  • Alexbank (Bank of Intesa San Paolo)
  • Kraftheinz
  • Valeo
  • Methanex
  • Powerridesports
  • Cowboys Burger Saloon
  • European University in Cairo

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