Tafanin is now Branding Bar.

10 years have passed since we officially started with tafanin as a graphic design agency, young but incredibly eager to learn what makes a brand successful. Today, with our new office in Bonn – Germany, we decided to re-evaluate our own, assess what reflects our DNA. As a branding agency, with successes and failures, experiences in so many industries, we decided it was time for us to be true to the agency we have proudly become.

Branding Bar is our new name as it best describes our vision, it fits what we are trying to do, raising the bar. to become a leading branding agency not only in Egypt but in the entire world.
With our team standards, and after working with too many clients across borders. we all decided that changing our name is a must.
Creating a brand that is timeless, easy to recognize, memorable and with character is what we did, and is what we will always do.



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